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The Official Game Theorists Discord has many ARG channels where you can solve clues with the community and also find teams for the ARG! Please make sure to follow all rules if you join!

This repository serves as a master tracker of the solutions of all completed gates and the teasers of the next upcoming gate. All time stamps are MM/DD HH:MM in Eastern Standard Time UTC-5 (previously Eastern Daylight Time UTC-4). To convert the time from EDT/EST into your timezone, use this tool.

More Overviews and Walkthroughs

The Game Theorists channel has put out videos providing walkthroughs of the gates. If you would like some overviews of the GTARG from the creator himself, you can find the videos below:

If you would like to see Kynk, a fellow streamer on YouTube and Twitch, go through each of these gates, you can find his videos below:

Editors of the Master Tracker

The editors of this document, along with their time zones (don't ping sleeping people):

  • Original Owner / Original Editor: @retrocraft#6259, Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5, America/New York)

  • Original Editor: @Daviado#3449, Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)

  • Updated Editors: @Deborah#6709, Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) @DED010#6063, Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)

A Word of Wisdom

please remember to pay attention to all details before trying to jump into finding a solution. this is why we keep going in circles, everyone is rushing to find a solution and all they did was repeat a fraction of the work done months ago.

and please don't bring too much personal connection to your theories..

people have tried to prove that the cube turns out to be a giant Leviathan skin because they believed every leak they saw and they were only looking for evidence to prove that and ended up missing info because of it

—@Konto#1846, #fortnite-puzzle-discussion-2

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